Geostorm Review

Co-Host Chris

So i used my Moviepass for the first time and since the theater looked kind of dead i decided that Geostorm would be perfect. If you do not know the premise for the movie, the basic plot is that storms and natural disasters are becoming much worse so a program that uses satellites with multiple countries manning them alters the weather. Someone sees this as an opportunity to manipulate the satellites and rain down havoc on everyone.

My first impression was that it was visually stunning and also had me drawn in the entire movie. One thing that was very interesting is that the actors were some people I had never seen before and they all seemed to tie everything together. I won’t spoil anything but the movie itself has some political undertones and it does make the movie slightly more intense. I also feel like the slightly comedic scenes were not forced as many of these newer action movies push the comedy on the movie goer and many times makes me feel weird as I want to get a real laugh and not laugh because others are laughing.

Anyone who wants to watch a fun action movie which is not too long and gets straight to the point this movie is for you. I can also honestly say that I enjoyed the  movie to the point that I did not feel the need to try and guess what would happen next as it was a serious but not so serious that it left you in that scary suspense mode. If you have free time please go see Gerard Butler in a film that requires less thinking and will keep you wondering what will happen next. I give this movie Two Hella Thumbs Up.